A New World Record Bass

A New World Record Bass

Many people go to Florida to fish for that trophy bass but did you know that four other states have a bigger kingdom report than Florida? Not only that but one of the states is stated to have produced a new global document.

Florida’s record bass is 17.27 pounds, but others frequently cite an uncertified fish of 20.A hundred twenty five kilos (a fisheries biologist did not bodily see the fish to certify it). Leaha Trew supposely stuck a new international record largemouth in California. It weighed 22 kilos, 8 oz, beating George Perry’s 1932 report catch by way of 4 oz. The trouble is there has been best one photograph taken of it and it wasn’t licensed via a biologist or an California nation fish and game reliable.

Where is the subsequent global document coming from? Florida, Georgia, Mississippi or Texas? More than in all likelihood it will likely be from California. Gregg Silks has already caught 2 bass over twenty pounds and says he has lost a global document fish of 24 kilos. Who is to argue with him seeing that he is aware of what 20 pound plus bass look like? 22 of 25 of the largest bass ever recorded has come from California. The subsequent world report bass in my opinion, is going to be from the lakes of San Diego water device.

Just take a look at the stats:
Dixon: 21 kilos 11 ounce bass
Jennings: 18 pounds plus
Murray: 18 kilos plus
Poway: 18 pound 2 ounce

These are just a few of the lakes, all the lakes holds monster bass. Not handiest that, there are big bass throughout California, Leaha Trew caught her bass in Sonoma County. While I am now not taking something far from Florida, as I actually have lived there and visible many 10 pound plus bass taken from there, California is growing bigger bass and people are catching them.

Just test with the water district earlier than you plan a journey as some have regulations and are closed at certain instances.

For greater information approximately the San Diego Lakes, go online to:


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